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Enter the Lab

Our state-of-the-art test laboratory includes equipment and accessories which enable us to perform mixing, as well as feeding and metering tests with a variety of bulk materials. The experimental arrangements provide maximum simulation of industrial processes. Test procedures follow the logic of real applications in genuine operating conditions.

Our test facility is part of a worldwide lab network designed and supervised by WAMGROUP’s Corporate R&D department, whose activities have won WAMGROUP Chairman & C.E.O., Vainer Marchesini, the 2012 Italian Ernst & Young Entrepreneur-Of-The-Year Award in the “Innovation” category.

Our competent staff will be delighted to assist you in carrying out custom-designed tests according to your individual requirements. Test results are captured on HD video, while trial samples will be kept in our lab archives for internal reference. We guarantee confidentiality of your test results which will be made available to you only.

Please click HERE to submit your test enquiry via the online form.

You will not be charged for the test should it result in a sale.

We look forward to welcoming you at our premises.
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