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DUSTFIX for Slag Dust Conditioning in Landfill

21/9/2559  | 
Technical Articles
The DUSTFIX Dust Conditioner was developed to condition industrial dust in an economical manner, considerably simplifying handling and disposal operations. Innovative SINTTM engineering polymer components make the DUSTFIX Conditioner suitable for continuous duty. In a particularly short mixing time, throughput rates ranging from 20 to 80 m³/h are achieved.

The reactor landfill in Teuftal, near the Swiss capital, Bern, has to recycle industrial dusts and slag from incineration plants before the residual material can be worked into the surrounding soil. For this continuous process, in 2005 the company purchased a DUSTFIX 40 Dust Conditioner.

Slag dust is fed from a silo through a rotary valve and then conditioned inside the DUSTFIX using water. Prior to being blended and compressed together with the soil, a downstream belt conveyor transports the conditioned material to an intermediate outdoor storage. The initially available empty volume of the landfill for conditioned slag dust amounted to approximately one million cubic metres. When in 2012 the capacity for the treatment of recycled slag had become insufficient, a second silo with another DUSTFIX was put into operation.

Continuous trouble-free operation made the DUSTFIX for this customer the most economical, yet eco-friendly solution.
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